With the help of their numerous sponsorship deals and ubiquitous advertising, light lager is the most popular beers within America so far. Though everybody knows their funny commercials and catchy jingles, there is a lot of information that the regular consumer probably doesn’t know when it comes to light lagers. This time, we will be taking a look at some of that information that their commercials leave out. 

Lagers are naturally brewed cold and it is nothing that should be bragged about 

Over the years, a lot of various brewers have been bragging about how cold their beverages are brewed. Though similar to what we’ve presented earlier, lagers are all brewed cold.  It is just how lager beers are usually created. Hence, bragging about this in their TV ads does not actually significantly mean something. All they are implying is that they have adhered to the directions of making lager beers. 

Drinking light lagers won’t help you save money 

Usually, common folks are defending that they usually like to buy light lagers or liquor online is because it is cheaper and they are only drinking such for alcohol. We used to believe that beer must be appreciated and relished for the flavor it gives. However, if you feel the other way around, then that’s fine. It is a fact that light lagers like Miller and Coors have some of the most budget-friendly prices available on the market. Although they have some of the lowest alcohol content as well. Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Light all ranges above 4 percent of alcohol content while other average light lagers are commonly at about 5 percent. Hence, you don’t really get what you paid for. 

Light lagers are not actually made with barley, they are manufactured with rice and corn 

For your information, one of the major ingredients of beer is barley, which is perhaps the ingredient create a flash loan that mostly defines beer. Though some traditional grains like wheat and rye are utilized sometimes, barley is the ingredient that actually makes a legitimate beer.  Even the Germans proposed a law named Reinheitsgebot during 1516, which prohibited the brewing of beer that uses another ingredient other than barley. Though you must not tell this to Budweiser, Coors, or Miller since barley can hardly be found in their manufacturing of beer at all. Usually, they make use of corn and rice as a replacement for barley since it’s more cost-effective and sometimes they assume that the drinkers cannot tell the difference.  

Your light lager lacks that real hops 

Similar to what we were trying to say, the reason why beer becomes skunked after it’s left out for some time is because of the reaction between the sunlight and hops in beer. How can other breweries such as Newcastle and Miller get away with having clear bottles? That’s because they do not utilize actual hops in their lagers. Now that you know all of these pieces of information, takes some time to research the ingredients of the beers you usually drink for you to get the most out of your drinking habit.