The best way to introduce the kids to the different art activities is to show them all the things that are related to the arts and skills like the murals in their bedroom or outside the house where they can explore many things there. It is nice that at a very young age, then can identify the different colors and shapes which is very hard for others to do and they are having a hard time to know the right line and the different objects in the painting or the drawing. Of course, most of the kids don’t know about how to keep things right, so it is nice that you will pick the one that they can enjoy and match to their personalities and it will help them to the develop the cognitive skill when it comes to asking questions about what they see inside the room.  

There are some parents that they would consider the chance to prepare in advance as long as they know the gender of their kids but they are not going to make things complicated and it is nice as well that you would use the simple objects as decorations on the wall and it can stop the chance of being too crowded. You can start with the very simple shapes as well and the color should be light so that it would not be painful and hurtful to the eyes of the kids. It is more comfortable to see the light colors and those colors that you can accept by your eyes and it will give you the best sleep at night. A lot of women would think that painting some trees and grass and even the different kinds of animals would be a good option to them since it will give the natural ambiance from the outside.  

It is not new to many parents that they would try to introduce some English songs to their youngsters and this one will be a good idea but you need to introduce to them as well the meaning of the song. Of course, if you are playing animal music, then it would be nicer that you will have some animals on the wall or you can have the real toys of the animals so that they can touch this one and they can play with it.  

If your kid can understand things, then you could ask them about what they really want and this could be a good chance for you to get to know more of the things that you can paint in the room. If they would tell you that they want something fascinating like flowers or cartoons, then that would be nice as it will give them the right thing to think and help them to focus more on the things that they want.  

If your kids want to help here then you need to make sure that you are going to let them choose what they want to do with it. They can use their own skills to draw there or to paint.